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Drug Rehab Missouri

When caught up in the viscous cycle of substance abuse, Missouri residents need to know where to turn to for help. While alcohol abuse and alcoholism along with illicit drug abuse are serious problems in Missouri, the state is also greatly impacted by the prescription drug epidemic that is sweeping the nation. In Missouri the prescription drug of choice is pain killers, which is true for all other states as well. These powerful narcotics can be abused to get high, much like a high one would experience on an illegal opiate such as heroin. The impact of this problem is mirrored in its consequences, with Missouri exceeding the national average over the past several years in regards to drug related fatalities. Individuals in Missouri who cannot help themselves must avail themselves of effective help before they become such a statistic, and luckily there are effective drug rehab programs in the state that can help stop this problem in its tracks.

Addiction isn't something that can be overcome through will alone, and individuals in Missouri are caught up in a cycle of dependence to drugs or alcohol which develops very quickly and isn't easy to control once it's begun. Depending on the drug of choice, individuals can not only become physically dependent to drugs and or alcohol. After abusing substances in many cases to escape problems and self medicate because of unresolved stress and anxiety, drugs and alcohol can also become an emotional and psychological crutch and individuals can find it hard to deal with everyday life without being drunk or high. So there are physical, emotional and psychological obstacles to overcome when one wants to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, and this can be far too overwhelming even under the most ideal circumstances. This makes it very difficult if not impossible for someone to kick a drug or alcohol habit on their own, particularly if they remain in the same environment which triggers their substance abuse and have access to drugs and alcohol.

For individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is much easier to remain in denial that they even have a problem. This can make things even more difficult for loved ones who struggle to help someone with a drug or alcohol problem, because you can't help someone who doesn't think they have one. When efforts to help addicted individuals have all but failed, there are actions that loved ones can take to get them out of denial and in the right frame of mind to get help. One of the most effective methods of doing so is a drug intervention. A drug intervention is different than a casual confrontation because it is well orchestrated, has only one purpose which is to help the individual get into treatment, and provides loved ones and friends with the option of laying down consequences if the individual doesn't get help so that others are no longer affected by their substance abuse. A drug intervention can either be conducted with the help of a professional interventionist, or without such help although intervention participants will want to work closely with the drug rehab of choice in Missouri for guidance and direction.

Once an individual makes it to Missouri drug rehab they will very likely be detoxing from drugs or alcohol, which in itself is a very challenging process. One of the most important reasons an individual should be in drug rehab in Missouri when experiencing the withdrawal process is because drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms can cause a relapse if the person isn't strong enough to endure them and if they have access to their drug of choice. There is also the issue that some substances, including seemingly benign ones including alcohol and certain medical drugs, cause withdrawal symptoms such as grand mal seizures and the like which can be life threatening. So no one should ever attempt to detox themselves and always do so under the experienced eye of a detox professional in a drug rehab in Missouri to avoid such outcomes.

Detox should never be considered rehab or treatment in itself, and anyone who truly wants to overcome addiction in Missouri needs to understand that rehab is a much more comprehensive process that involves much deeper introspection and resolving issues that they may not even be aware of when they first enter rehab. There are a myriad of treatment methods, and which an individual has access to all depends on which drug rehab program in Missouri has been chosen. There are traditional programs such as 12-step and disease model program, or there are alternative programs such as holistic facilities which don't use the traditional methods but actually treat addiction so that it is fully resolved for clients while in treatment. You see, many rehabs don't even consider this an obtainable goal because they treat addiction as a genetic predisposition or disease which cannot be fully resolved or "cured", but "managed". In alternative drug rehabs in Missouri however, very effective treatment tools have given individuals hope for actual full resolution, and some of these tools include behavioral modification therapy and even life skills training. These treatment methods help individuals develop healthier coping mechanisms for life which eliminates the need to self medicate with drugs or alcohol. So individuals don't have to rely on archaic and unworkable treatment methods just because they are considered the most popular and long-standing, but choose a program which makes sense to them and gives them hope for a completely drug free and happy future.

If you or someone you know in Missouri who is struggling to overcome any type of substance abuse issue, there is no time to waste. So don't hesitate another moment and immediately contact a quality drug rehab program in Missouri and speak with a professional treatment counselor who can help in any way needed to assist you or a loved one in getting started in drug rehab as soon as possible and put an end to a life of addiction.


Missouri Drug Statistics

1. In Missouri, the treatment admissions for Marijuana abuse have grown around 400% between 1994 and 2001, only surpassed by admissions for amphetamine/methamphetamine abuse.

2. In Missouri, drug overdose deaths among adolescents aged 15 to 19 are up 91 percent in the past decade, according to the US Attorney's office In Kansas City.

3. The Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimate that approximately 464,000 Missouri resident suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction.

4. Department of Mental Health, in Missouri, reported 674 deaths related to drug abuse, in 2005.

5. The statistics from the Office of National Drug Control Policy showed that, in 2007, federal agents confiscated, in Missouri, approximately 30 kilograms of Heroin from drug dealers.

6. Every year, in Missouri, about 3,200 residents goes through substance abuse treatment for prescription medication abuse.

Drug Facts
  • Among prescription drugs, benzodiazepines were responsible for over 23% of the emergency room visits in 2009 for individuals who were seeking detox or substance abuse treatment as the reason for their visit.
  • The most common form of dry magic mushrooms found in the United States is psilocybin cubensis.
  • North American marijuana herb seizures rose from 3,205 metric tons in 2008 to 4,189 metric tons in 2009, mainly due to increases in both Mexico and the United States.
  • Unemployment and underemployment can make it more difficult for people with substance abuse problems to lead healthy, stable, and independent lives.